Grigoris Maninakis


A Professor of Engineering at the State University of New York, Grigoris is a long time member of the Cosmos FM family, since its inception, and currently a volunteer radio producer. For over thirty years he has been involved with quality Greek Music and song having performed in some the most prestigious music halls in the United States, Greece and Europe including Alice Tully , Carnegie Recital Hall , the Lekabettus and Herodion theatres in Athens, as well many University campuses such as Harvard, Princeton , Yale, St. Louis , Cornell and many others. The leader of the Mikrokosmos Ensemble he has produced several CD’s with rebetika and contemporary Greek songs.

Stylianos Nicolaou

Stylianos Nicolaou

Stylianos Nicolaou was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Music Production & Engineering and Contemporary Writing & Production where he received the “Berklee Scholarship Award”. He is a music producer and sound engineer with three years of professional experience in the music and advertising industry in New York. He now works as the sound engineer of Cosmos Fm and is a proud member of the Cosmos Fm family.

Very Rev. Eugene N. Pappas


Ecumenist, edu cator, missionary and social activist, Fr. Eugene currently serves as pastor at Three Hierarchs Church in Brooklyn, and as the president of the Greek Orthodox Clergy Association. He serves as chaplain to the New York Fraternal Order of Poli ce, and as President of the New York Archdio cesan Metropolitan Clergy Syndesmos. As educator, he is the Orthodox Theological Ministry instructor at Xaverian Catholic High school and Orthodox Chair man of the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue.

Anastasia Pantelidi

Natassa Pantelidi Photo


Acting school “LCA Studio” (Manhattan NY), “ALPHA” (Athens/Greece) and “Municipal conservatory” of Salonika

as a Mezzo Soprano, all with Scholarships.

“Royal Academy of dancing of London”:10 years of Ballet, modern dance, jazz & contemporary style Graduated from Lycee French College & Kalamari Academy. Major in Greek language, Culture & literature. Diploma in “REIKI” & “QUANTUM PHYSICS THERAPY”

Theater, Stage, TV & Radio Performance History:

Singer in Greek events, halls and Festivals in NY.

Iocasti in the Greek Theatrical comedy: “Dinner at Iocasti’s” at the Greek Cultural Center of NY, as Norma Desmond in the theatrical Off-Broadway production “Sunset Boulevard” in Manhattan NY & in the short film “RUN”.

Lead performer at HYATT REGENCY CASINO, in the musicals “HERE”, “SUGAR  ANGEL” , “SUGAR  ANGEL II” & “MY WAY”, for 7 years next to the greatest showman of Greece: Takis Zaharatos.

Composer, singer & vocal instructor of the music & soundtrack of the Greek theatrical drama:


Performer for The Greek BIG BAND of Show and Comedy: “MONIE & MONIE CONNIENTE”

Radio Producer, Voiceover & radio commercials at ‘‘PALMOS  96,5’’ and  ‘‘Radio ALPHA 103’’

Hostess of the local TV talent show “Musical figures” in MAKEDONIA TV CHANNEL.

Since July 2018: Administrator at Cosmos FM – Hellenic Public Radio of NY.


Duets with hip hop artist SANJURO

Greek CD Collection: PIATSA

2nd CD: Zero Gravity by SMILE Records

1st CD by SONY Music

Other Activities & Experience:

Graphic design & website development, advertising, script editing, computer operating.

Composed music for theatrical plays, shows and radio spots; also music & lyrics for several Greek artists, such as: Dionisis Sxinas, Victoria Halkiti, Spiros Spirakos, Haris Akritidis and others.

Silvia Papapostolou


Sylvia came from Athens to New York in 2001 to pursue a masters degree in Political Science at New School University and never left! For many years she worked as a journalist in numerous publications and broadcasting media in Greece and the United States, and as a communications consultant for the Greek Press Office of the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations. In the past five years she applied her expertise to consulting for non-profits with a focus on strategic planning, fundraising and development. She currently consults for the Department of Institutional Advancement at Queens Public Library. Sylvia loves waking up early every Sunday just to be part of the Me Dika Mas kai Dika Sas Logia morning madness!

Panos Satzoglou


Panos has worked for the majority of the media organizations in Greece, including television channels, both nationwide (such as Mega Channel, ANT1 TV, Alpha TV, Star Channel, ET3, Makedonia TV) and local ones (TV 100), radio stations (Radio Thessaloniki 94.5, StarFM 97.1, Ant1 Radio 97.5 Thessaloniki, Ant1 Radio 97.2 Athens, Status Radio 92.7 Athens, TIF 104.9, FM104), magazines and newspapers (Proto Thema, Sport tou Vorra, Ellinikos Vorras, Aggelioforos).

Having gone through the positions of the editor, presenter, chief editor, assistant, host, journalist etc, Panos decided to study film direction in order to have an integrated understanding on the media production.

In 2009, Panos founded “The Business Video” company, a medium sized video production company. Working in front of and behind the cameras, targeting exclusively towards the business and mainly touristic sector, Panos deals with the challenge of creating promotional and corporate films, appropriate for driving forward the object of businesses, through the use of the “traditional media”, the Internet and the online tools (Social Media).

Today, he can be found in New York, United States, where he works as a Film Director and Cinematographer in Antenna Satellite as well as a Radio Host and Program Director in one of the most popular radio stations in New York, Hellenic Public Radio COSMOS FM 91.5.


Michael Stratis


A lawyer-turned-teacher, Michael Stratisrelishes the opportunity to explore his Hellenic ancestry and present his views on a wide spectrum of musical, literary,political, philosophical, theological, artistic and historicalthemes. He is a graduate of Fordham University (Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics) and Seton Hall Law School (Juris Doctorate), and a member of the New Jersey Bar. As he enters his second decade in academia, he teaches European and Global History, as well as the Greco-Roman Classics, at GardenCity High School. Though a native New Yorker, he is fiercely proud of his Macedonian roots, his Greek Orthodox faith, his wife and two sons. He is also a memberand guest lecturer for the Asia Minor Christian HolocaustCommittee. He is the producer and the voice of Musical Masterworks.

Stelios Taketzis


Born in Constantinople, Stelios grew up in Athens and came to New York in 1979 for a 6-month internship but he is still here. A shipbroker by day, he switches hats easily to become a volunteer producer/ host of our Sunday morning light news and music program, Me Dika Mas kai Dika Sas Logia. He is also contributing in countless other areas at Cosmos FM. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Board of G.A.E.P.I.S.