Anastasia Pantelidi

Natassa Pantelidi Photo


Acting school “LCA Studio” (Manhattan NY), “ALPHA” (Athens/Greece) and “Municipal conservatory” of Salonika

as a Mezzo Soprano, all with Scholarships.

“Royal Academy of dancing of London”:10 years of Ballet, modern dance, jazz & contemporary style Graduated from Lycee French College & Kalamari Academy. Major in Greek language, Culture & literature. Diploma in “REIKI” & “QUANTUM PHYSICS THERAPY”

Theater, Stage, TV & Radio Performance History:

Singer in Greek events, halls and Festivals in NY.

Iocasti in the Greek Theatrical comedy: “Dinner at Iocasti’s” at the Greek Cultural Center of NY, as Norma Desmond in the theatrical Off-Broadway production “Sunset Boulevard” in Manhattan NY & in the short film “RUN”.

Lead performer at HYATT REGENCY CASINO, in the musicals “HERE”, “SUGAR  ANGEL” , “SUGAR  ANGEL II” & “MY WAY”, for 7 years next to the greatest showman of Greece: Takis Zaharatos.

Composer, singer & vocal instructor of the music & soundtrack of the Greek theatrical drama:


Performer for The Greek BIG BAND of Show and Comedy: “MONIE & MONIE CONNIENTE”

Radio Producer, Voiceover & radio commercials at ‘‘PALMOS  96,5’’ and  ‘‘Radio ALPHA 103’’

Hostess of the local TV talent show “Musical figures” in MAKEDONIA TV CHANNEL.

Since July 2018: Administrator at Cosmos FM – Hellenic Public Radio of NY.


Duets with hip hop artist SANJURO

Greek CD Collection: PIATSA

2nd CD: Zero Gravity by SMILE Records

1st CD by SONY Music

Other Activities & Experience:

Graphic design & website development, advertising, script editing, computer operating.

Composed music for theatrical plays, shows and radio spots; also music & lyrics for several Greek artists, such as: Dionisis Sxinas, Victoria Halkiti, Spiros Spirakos, Haris Akritidis and others.