Hellenic Public Radio – COSMOS FM (HPR) broadcasts under the aegis of the Greek American Educational Public Information System, Inc. (GAEPIS) – a not-for-profit media, educational organization. GAEPIS is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Hellenic heritage in the United States via the media of mass communication.

GAEPIS was founded in 1987 to meet the needs of Hellenic Americans, serving the Hellenic-American community in all its diversity.

By providing quality coverage of issues and informative and educational programs in both English and Greek, GAEPIS seeks to address the needs of recent immigrants from Greece and Cyprus, Americans of Hellenic descent and Philhellenes.​

GAEPIS identified the medium of public radio as the most effective way to realize its goals.

Radio was chosen because it is widely and inexpensively accessed, and because it can meet the audience’s demand for the most up-to-date reporting of events.​Public radio is essential because it offers independence from advertisers or politicians who may otherwise attempt to influence or restrict the coverage of issues that concern our community.

This public channel exists solely to serve the interests of the community as a whole.

Hellenic Public Radio – COSMOS FM is the only daily, bilingual non-commercial Greek radio program in the New York Metropolitan Area.

HPR has over 5,000 supporting members and reaches over 200,000 Hellenic and non-Hellenic listeners each week.​

COSMOS FM provides 13 hours of programming per week, for a total of 676 annual hours of broadcasting time.

COSMOS FM features 20-plus different programs in Greek and English, including local, national and international news; news from Greece and Cyprus; and programs on politics, science, social issues, religion, health, finance, music, the arts, sports, and community affairs.​


Greek American Educational Public Information System, Inc. (GAEPIS)
To preserve and promote Hellenic heritage through educational programs, events, and activities

Hellenic Public Radio – COSMOS FM
To advance GAEPIS mission of preserving and promoting Hellenic heritage, through bi-lingual, quality audio programming, produced mostly by volunteers and broadcasted through public radio in New York and through web based technologies worldwide.

By providing quality, bi-lingual audio content through Cosmos FM, GAEPIS, Inc. aims to increase awareness of, and deepen the connection with the common Hellenic heritage shared by the multi-generational Greek-American Community, while promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of all things Greek; news, events, ideas and the arts.

We have three overarching goals:
• To preserve, promote and relay our Hellenic heritage to the next generation of Greek-Americans
• To attract a wider, more diverse audience, both in terms of listenership and membership, within the Greek- American community of the Tri-State area and beyond as well as the Philhellenic circles of the society.
• To evolve Cosmos FM’s overall programming to better, reflect people, stories, achievements and struggles of our community, the Hellenic diaspora and Greece.

GAEPIS Inc. Board of Directors

Chairman: Stelios Taketzis
Vice-Chairman: Amalia Bournias
Treasurer: Nicolas Nicolaou
Secretary: Stavros Soussou

Merkourios Angeliades
Amalia Bournias
Paul Kalamaras
Nicolas Nicolaou
George Pantelidis
Taso Pardalis
Dr. Nicholas Rallis
Jim Ziozis
Sylvia Papapostolou
Paul Stathoulopoulos

Advisory Board​

Grigoris Maninakis
Nikos Tsakanikas
Thanasis Zessimopulos, Founder
Taso Pardalis, Esq., Counsel


Anna Eliopoulos
Michael Stratis
Stelios Taketzis

Main Staff

Director of Operations - Ioanna Giannopoulos
Sound Engineer – Stylianos Nicolaou
Administrator – Cindy Hatzikontos & Vicky Tsavalia
Technical and Administrative Support – Anna Eliopoulos
Sound Engineer - Christos Panagopoulos

  Financial Information