Hellenic Public Radio COSMOS FM has been broadcasting for 33 years, with a mission to preserve and promote our Hellenic Heritage.       

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We are based in the vibrant cultural and financial center of New York City, where we proudly broadcast, on FM radio, to the Hellenic and American Philhellenic community of the New York metropolitan area. We also reach a global audience, broadcasting worldwide through the internet on www.cosmosfm.org

It generally takes millions of dollars to run a radio station in New York. However, because of volunteer work and Public Radio rates, we manage to operate at a fraction of the cost, with about $ 370,000 annual budget. Yet, this amount has to be raised from donors and sponsors.

In these turbulent times, through Cosmos FM, doctors, researchers, lawyers, financial advisers, and experts in all fields, are providing valuable advice to our audience on how to best navigate this crisis . Programs of news and culture are a valuable source of information and entertainment, and help keep quarantine solitude at bay.

In times of extreme uncertainty, we rely on our trusted sources of information. Calm and measured voices, such as COSMOS FM, are essential. Yet, it is in difficult times that financial resources dry up.

Non-profits are generally hit harder during times of economic turbulence.

The COVID-19 restrictive measures resulted in a cancellation of all planned fundraising activities, making it extremely challenging to carry on with our mission.

The mission of COSMOS FM is in your hands. A donation to support Cosmos FM is now more valuable than ever.

We urge you to donate any amount within your means, and to please share this campaign with your family and friends.

No donation is too small.

On behalf of our listeners, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Stay safe, stay well, stay tuned!

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